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Support Magnolia Harbor so we can support grieving hearts.  image
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Support Magnolia Harbor so we can support grieving hearts.

Support our mission to be a sanctuary for all living beings and provide therapeutic services to people who have experienced trauma and traumatic grief.


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Magnolia Harbor is dedicated to helping both bereaved humans and rescue animals. By supporting their cause, you can make a difference in your community. Join us and show your support by donating today.

Five years ago, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Dr. Bree Conklin and her husband, Lyle, when they were exploring the East Tennessee area during their relocation and home purchase. While visiting, they shared their heart song and initial vision of creating a sanctuary for all living beings. As a REALTOR®, it was exciting to learn that they believed the East Tennessee Area would make the perfect home for a carefarm. It has been an absolute blessing, not only to be able to help bring their vision to life, but to be able to understand the impact that their service has on the community.

Earlier this year, dear friends of my family lost a loved one through suicide. It is comforting to know that Magnolia Harbor Carefarm stands ready to support our friends in an extra special way.

The mission of Magnolia Harbor Carefarm is to be a sanctuary for all living beings. We provide therapeutic services to people who have experienced trauma or traumatic grief. Traumatic grief includes losing a child at any age or losing a loved one to murder, suicide, substance use, or any sudden or unexpected way, such as a car accident. We are one of only two carefarms focusing on traumatic grief in the United States. Our practice goes beyond the four walls of a typical therapeutic office to combine carefarming (caring for rescue animals, animal-assisted therapy, therapeutic horticulture/gardening, and ecotherapy), contemplative practices (meditation, yoga, grounding, support groups, etc.), and physical well-being (exercise, play, massage, healthy diet, sleep, psychoeducation, etc.).

In the past two years, Magnolia Harbor Carefarm has:

  • Rescued 42 animals.
  • Created therapeutic programs for bereaved parents, those who have lost someone to suicide and substance use, as well as our widows and kiddos retreat.
  • Conducted approximately 2,800 hours of therapeutic sessions.
  • Facilitated 150 hours of pro-bono counseling service to families who could not afford to pay.
  • Started a volunteer program in November of 2021. Since then we have held 24 Community Volunteer Days and logged around 1000 volunteer hours.

Would you please join me in supporting the vital services this organization provides? The money raised for this fundraiser will go towards caring for the animals and expanding therapeutic spaces and programming. Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Magnolia Harbor Carefarm. The ripple effect of your donation will be far reaching!