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Supporting Others in Their Walk with Grief

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The unexpected loss of my pregnant wife, Sierra, and two-year old son, Nolan, in 2019 lead me on a tempestuous journey through grief. Now, over four years later, that rugged trek guided me to Magnolia Harbor Carefarm – a sanctuary that provides therapeutic services to people who have experienced trauma or traumatic grief. Our practice goes beyond the four walls of a typical therapeutic office to combine carefarming (caring for rescue animals, animal-assisted therapy, therapeutic horticulture/gardening, and ecotherapy), contemplative practices (meditation, yoga, grounding, support groups, etc.), and physical well-being (exercise, play, massage, healthy diet, sleep, psychoeducation, etc.). We have created programs specifically for bereaved parents, those who have lost someone to suicide and substance use, as well as our widows and kiddos retreat. To date, we have conducted approximately 2,800 hours of therapeutic sessions, as well as 150 hours of pro-bono counseling service to families who could not afford to pay. We have also started a volunteer program and have had 24 Community Volunteer Days since August 2021. Overall, we have logged about 1000 volunteer hours. All this would not be possible without support from individuals like you! Please join me in supporting this unique opportunity by providing assistance and making a difference to those who are walking with grief. Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Magnolia Harbor Carefarm to continue touching the lives of those who have endured bereavement.